11 basic memes which were offered as NFTs

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Nonfungible token (NFT) memes have introduced mainstream consideration to the world of NFTs and digital artwork, serving to to increase the market and improve its legitimacy. The excessive costs paid for some NFT memes have demonstrated the worth of on-line tradition and the emotional connection that folks can need to web memes. NFT memes have additionally created a brand new means for creators and artists to monetize their work, probably resulting in new alternatives and income streams within the digital financial system.

What are NFT memes?

NFT memes check with web memes which were became nonfungible tokens, that are distinctive digital belongings which are verified on a blockchain. These NFTs permit the unique creators of the memes to authenticate and monetize their work. Some examples of NFT memes embrace the Nyan Cat, the Catastrophe Woman and The Keyboard Cat.

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Nyan Cat

The pixelated flying cat with a Pop-Tart physique grew to become the primary meme to be offered as an NFT in February 2021 for round 300 Ether (ETH).

As the primary meme to promote for such a excessive worth, the sale of the Nyan Cat NFT was a watershed occasion within the NFT neighborhood. This transaction contributed to the legitimacy of the thought of digital artwork gross sales as NFTs.

Catastrophe Woman

A photograph of a younger woman with a mischievous smile standing in entrance of a burning home offered for almost 180 ETH as an NFT in April 2021.

The sale of this NFT, “Catastrophe Woman,” proved that even comparatively obscure memes is perhaps useful as NFTs. Additionally, the sale acquired a whole lot of media consideration, which raised NFTs’ profile much more.


This standard Shiba Inu canine meme grew to become an NFT sensation in 2021, with the unique “Doge” meme promoting for 1,696.9 ETH in June 2021.

The success of the Doge NFTs helped to cement the recognition of the Shiba Inu canine meme within the NFT house. The excessive costs paid for a few of these NFTs additionally helped to generate important mainstream media protection.


A meme of a businessman holding a graph displaying a inventory’s upward trajectory offered for $10,000 as an NFT in Might 2021.

The sale of the Stonks NFT confirmed that much more esoteric memes can have worth as NFTs. The sale demonstrated the potential of NFTs as a recent technique for creators and artists to recoup their prices.

Pepe the Frog

A inexperienced anthropomorphic frog that grew to become an emblem for the alt-right after which a meme offered as an NFT for $1 million in Might 2021.

The Pepe NFT’s $1-million sale sparked debate as a result of the alt-right has been linked to the meme. It did, nonetheless, present that even contentious memes may be helpful as NFTs.

Charlie Bit My Finger

A viral video of two younger British brothers offered as an NFT for 389 ETH in Might 2021. The excessive worth paid for this NFT demonstrated that viral movies, along with static photographs, could also be profitable as NFTs.

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Grumpy Cat

A meme of a feline with a completely displeased expression grew to become an NFT in Might 2021 and offered for over 44.2 ETH.

The Grumpy Cat NFT’s sale proved that memes with animal topics is perhaps simply as profitable as these with human topics.


A gorilla that was shot and killed in a zoo in 2016 grew to become an web meme and offered as an NFT for 30.3 ETH in Might 2021.

The sale of the Harambe NFT demonstrated how some individuals have an emotional attachment to explicit memes and are ready to pay exorbitant charges for them.

Good Luck Brian

A photograph of a teenage boy with braces and a vest that grew to become an NFT in April 2021 was offered for 20 ETH.

The recognition of the Unhealthy Luck Brian NFT proved that memes, even these which are considerably dated, can nonetheless have a spot within the NFT market.

The Keyboard Cat

A video of a cat taking part in a keyboard offered for over 33 ETH as an NFT in March 2021. The excessive worth paid for this NFT demonstrated that movies may also be useful as NFTs, not simply static photographs.

Success Child

The meme incorporates a younger boy with a decided expression, clenching his fist, and has been broadly used as an emblem of accomplishment and success. This picture was offered as an NFT for 15 ETH.

The rising argument relating to the utility and legitimacy of NFTs is mirrored on this meme. NFTs are seen as a speculative bubble by some, whereas others see them as a novel and thrilling alternative for artists to earn a living off of their work.