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What’s a netizen?

A netizen is an individual who makes use of the web, particularly as a discussion board, for the expression of views and participation in political society. The time period is a portmanteau of the English phrases “web” and “citizen.”

Historical past of the time period netizen

The time period netizen was first used within the early Nineteen Nineties by Michael Hauben and Ronda Hauben, a husband-and-wife workforce who had been learning the social and political implications of the web. The Haubens believed that the web had the potential to create a brand new sort of citizen, one who was extra knowledgeable and engaged in political society.

The function of netizens

Netizens can play quite a lot of roles in political society. They will use the web to do the next:

  • Keep knowledgeable about present occasions. The web is an enormous useful resource for information and data. Netizens can use the web to remain knowledgeable about present occasions, each in their very own nation and around the globe.
  • Take part in political discussions. The web supplies a discussion board for individuals to debate political points. Netizens can use the web to share their views on quite a lot of subjects, and to have interaction in dialogue with others.
  • Arrange political campaigns. The web can be utilized to arrange political campaigns. Netizens can use the web to boost cash, recruit volunteers and unfold the phrase about their trigger.
  • Vote in elections. In some nations, netizens can use the web to vote in elections. This will make it simpler for individuals to vote, particularly those that reside in distant areas or who’ve disabilities.
Chart showing the three iterations of the world wide web
A netizen makes use of the web in its varied incarnations — together with the completely different levels of the event of the World Extensive Internet — to precise their views and take part in political society.

The significance of netizens

The time period netizen is a comparatively new one, but it surely has shortly turn out to be an necessary a part of our vocabulary. Netizens play an necessary function in political society. They might help to tell the general public, take part in political discussions, arrange political campaigns and vote in elections. Netizens might help to make political society extra open, democratic and participatory.

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